Striptease 101

Striptease 101
by Brettani Shannon

Give your man a special treat he'll never forget - a surprise striptease! It's the perfect unexpected treat, and is something he's sure to remember better than any box of candy or stuffed animal. And don't worry...any woman can give a great striptease, even if your body isn't "perfect" or you're naturally shy. The following tips will help make certain that your sexy surprise will be an enormous success!

First let's address what to wear...

Choose clothing that accentuates your most beautiful body parts. This is one time that it’s appropriate to show a lot of skin. Anything from elegant gowns, baby-dolls, sexy lingerie, cute two-piece sets, or little dresses are great to wear.

Whatever you wear, make sure it can be removed easily. Don’t wear a corset that you have to unbutton, or a tight dress that’s difficult to slip out off. Avoid anything too complicated that you will have to fidget with to get off. Clothing that zips in back or fitted clothing that doesn’t stretch can also be difficult to remove.

Make sure that your panties frame your cheeks and show off your shape. We all wear those comfy panties that no one else should see, but for the purpose of seducing your man, the guidelines are: the top of the back of your panties should reach no more than two inches above your cheeks. Any higher than that and they give the illusion that your caboose is a lot longer than it is. Try on booty shorts, full bottomed panties, thongs, and g-strings to see which you feel best in. Also, if they leave lines on your body after you take them off, they are too tight.

The choice to wear shoes or not is a personal preference, as both looks are sexy. If you do choose to wear shoes, choose them wisely. Stilettos are the perfect choice if you can handle them, as the high heel makes your legs look much longer. If moving gracefully in stilettos is too daunting, dancing with bare feet can also be very seductive. You should stay away from short, one-inch heels. They look great with pants and skirts, but give the illusion of shortening naked legs. Shoes that are too high will also inhibit your movement and may make you fall, so choose shoes that you feel confident wearing. Strapless shoes can be removed gracefully, but if yours need to be buckled, you'll probably want to remove your clothing without taking off your shoes. Almost anything stretchy can be taken off over your shoes, but it would be a good idea to practice first.

Stockings are a sexy addition to almost any outfit. They can be knee high or thigh high, worn with or without garters. Whichever you choose, make sure to get a large enough size. It can help to get a size too large so that they don't constrict your legs and cause unsightly bulges while you're moving. A tip: it can be really sexy to leave your stockings and garter belt on for a while after your dance. If you'd like to do this, wear a thong or g-string on the outside so that they can be removed without having to unhook your garters.
The seductive addition of props...

Use a rose or a large feather to entice and tease him. During your dance, take the feather and gently tickle him from his cheek and neck down his shoulder to his fingertips without letting him touch you back. Sit on a chair and while holding your frame tall, slide your feet apart enough to tease him, and gently dust yourself from neck to thigh with the feather.

Even though the goal is to take off your clothes, covering up is still very sexy. Use a nice shawl, wrap, or piece of sheer fabric, to tease him. Wrap it around yourself while giving him peeks. Use it during your dance or when you get up close and personal. This can also double as a great cover up if you feel more comfortable being a little less exposed.

If you want to try using a retractable pole, you can also purchase a how-to video for tricks, but the best part of using a pole is that it is a fun addition to your ambiance.

Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or any other "dessert on you" accessories are great if you want to let him be more than a spectator. Use these sweets as a segue into the interactive portion of your show.
Setting the stage for ambiance...

After you choose the songs you want, make a mix CD or playlist and pay attention to the order of the songs so that you can choreograph your routine and not have to change songs in the middle.

Use low, indirect lighting because it is both flattering (making you more comfortable) and more intimate. Achieve the perfect lighting by mixing candles with lamps and colored bulbs.

If your room is lacking intimacy, dress it up by draping deep colored valances or adding velvet or satin throws and pillows to your furniture.
Get comfortable with these dancing tips...

Practice in the mirror, or better yet, videotape yourself dancing so that you can look at yourself and see which moves you like.

Use low, indirect lighting because it is both flattering (making you more comfortable) and more intimate. Achieve the perfect lighting by mixing candles with lamps and colored bulbs.

Dance on your feet and on the floor. On the floor, try opening and closing your legs or leaning your knees from one side to the other. Experiment with different angles. Try caressing yourself when you don't know what else to do.

Move in time to the music. Turn around and walk seductively.

Some moves always look good. One is lying on your back with your knees bent, another is arching your back and the last is bending over from the waist, a little or a lot, with your backside towards your partner. You can also try this from the side angle or while leaning on a chair or against a wall.

In any standing poses, give yourself a little spank and wink at your guy. It's naughty, but cute.

Try sliding down a wall and then back up. Slide your hands along the wall beside you or let them go to your thighs, both very sexy.

Use your hair. Men love women's hair. While standing up, kneeling, or sitting, stretch your torso while you pull your hair up and let it fall again. If you have really long hair, arch your back while standing and tilt your head back letting your hair swish your backside.

Skim your fingertips over any part of you and he'll be begging for more. Try caressing your breasts the way you like him to do. It will blow his mind.

Smile at him; use your lips and your eyes to seduce him. Blow kisses, wink, and give him those bedroom eyes. Don't be afraid to laugh, talk, or even growl if you feel like it. Even if you don't feel confident, the more confidence you can portray the more erotic it will feel for him.

Point your toes whenever your foot is not on the floor. It is more feminine and graceful than a flexed foot.
Extra stripping tips...

Removing your clothes gracefully can be a challenge. Avoid taking your top off like a man takes off his t-shirt. While it may be sexy to watch them do it, it is quite the opposite for a woman. If you chose something that needs to be removed by slipping it over your head, seductively slip it off by pulling it from the bottom on the sides while standing up tall; don't hunch over.

When taking your bottoms off, try slipping them off over your shoes or bare feet while standing straight-legged. Do this by bending over from the waist and guiding them off all the way to the floor and then stepping out of them. If this isn't easy for you, try bending your knees or taking your bottoms off while lying on your back.

It is not imperative to remove all of your clothing. Stripping down to a little something sexy is equally as alluring. Remember to do as much as you are comfortable with. It should be a fun and exciting experience for both of you.
Lap Dance 101...
The point is of a lap dance is to tease him, but still making it more interactive by letting him get in a little snuggling, touching, and kissing in.

You can sit next to him and then lean over him with your chest touching his, turn toward the ceiling and caress yourself a little, or turn facedown with your shoulder and side rubbing across his tummy and chest.

Position yourself on top of him, sitting on your knees on his thighs. This allows you to rise up and down. When rising up, let his nose graze your chest and tummy. You can give him a little squeeze with your breasts as well. When you come down, bring your legs together and slide down to the floor.

"Dancing" close to him like this is great fully clothed, partially clothes, in the nude, or partially covered with a wrap. Move your body in time to the music. Simulate what you might do in the bedroom once in a while to really heat things up.

Turn around and sit in his lap. Pull up your hair and let yourself lean back to where your shoulders and neck are close to his face. Get creative, caressing yourself and him.

Stroke his hair, the back of his neck, and his chest. Kiss him and let him kiss you.
The most important thing to remember is to be yourself. Having fun being sexy for him is more arousing than any of the particular moves or tricks. Pick and choose the tips from this guide that help you to feel confident and go for it! Your Valentine striptease will be a gift he'll never forget, and one he'll hope to get every year after.


Floor Play

Floor Play
by Brettani Shannon

Just how much fun can you have on the floor? How about thrilling each other with blindfolds and feathers, belly dancing, blacklights, massages, or a romantic sleepover? We’ve got ten hot floor play ideas from the experts and readers on LYC. Combine a couple of your favorites for a custom concoction of sensual entertainment neither of you will soon forget!

Blindfolds, Feathers, Ice and Candle Massage Oil
Excite your lover’s senses like never before. Light a massage oil candle about 15 minutes before you begin your sexy escapade. Blindfold your man and then get out your bag of sensual goodies. Begin by dripping the hot oil over their body and massaging it in with long sensual strokes. Tease him with an ostrich feather from head to toe, then pleasure him orally for a few moments. Go back to massaging him while you let a piece of ice melt in your mouth. Delight his senses with your cold mouth on his hot body, then rip off his blindfold and have your way with him.

Belly Dancing Date Night
Friday nights are "date nights" for my boyfriend and I. I really wanted to do something special. I have been taking belly dancing classes, but if you wanted to try this you could just buy something sexy and fake it. I even bought thumb symbols just to complete the outfit. I hung fabric/sheets from the ceiling with fishing line in five places to make a tent in the living room and threw all of the pillows in the house on the floor inside the tent. You could hang a lantern, but I lit candles all over the room and safely placed one on the table inside the tent. Prepare only finger foods and don't allow any utensils. Perform a sexy dance before you eat to work up both of his appetites! Hope you have as much fun as I did.
--submitted by Anonymous

A Fuzzy Blanket and the Two of You Naked by the Fire
Romantic lighting from a fire or candles, sensual fabrics, and skin to skin contact all set the stage for a deeply intimate encounter. Slip your legs between his, caress his back, and kiss each other all over.

Sensual Love Games
Playing a sensual love game like “1001 Nights of Great Sex” is a great way to get into floor play. Throw some pillows on the floor, and have a blast going through each phase of the game, discovering new ways of kissing, touching and pleasing each other, laughing and making memories together.

Black Light Paint Night
I surprised my boyfriend of nearly four years last Valentine's Day with a night of blacklight painting. I had replaced the light bulb prior and set up several white objects and a sheet to cover the floor. The more whites and florescents you use, the better. We had so much fun getting to know each other with upbeat music, blacklights, and plenty of paint. My boyfriend marveled at the unusual thought and participated enthusiastically. You can even use cans of whipped cream instead of paint!
--submitted by Sam

Sensual Massage
Make sure the room is warm enough and provide a couple of sheets and a blanket. Douse your lover with oil and go to town. The key to sensual massage is to adore every inch of your partner’s body. Delight their senses by varying the intensity of your touch and being creative with your massage. Use your fingertips, knuckles, the heel of your hand, your elbows, and your forearms. To make things a little hotter, wear little to no clothing yourself and don't be afraid to let your skin touch theirs. You can even straddle them and let your legs rest right outside of theirs. The skin-on-skin contact will increase the overall sensuality of the massage experience.

Erotic Edibles
Make your sex even yummier with erotic edibles that will tantalize your taste buds. As sweet as you want it or hot as you can take it, there is a sensual edible for you. Here are some of our favorite erotic edibles, along with ideas for sensual treats you can find at home.

70's Night of Romance
One night I ran a bubble bath for my girlfriend, and while she was busy in the bath, I replaced the bulbs in the basement with black light bulbs. I also brought in a black light lamp. I put a mattress on the floor with a white sheet over it. I also had a bunch of fluorescent markers and plenty of paper. The mood was set! When she came downstairs, I put on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. She was really surprised to see what I'd done. We spent the whole night writing on each other, on the bed, writing notes to each other on the pieces of paper, and enjoying each other under the glow of the black lights. It was a night to remember!
--submitted by Jack

Sleepover for Two
My husband and I like to take a night once in a while to catch up and have what we call "sleepovers." At about 8pm, we get into our PJ's and pile a bunch of blankets on the floor. Then we watch a couple DVD's that we rented for that night. We pop some popcorn and make a bunch of junk food and curl up on the couch and watch the movies. Afterward, we play a board game like LIFE or something. Once we're done with that, we lay on the blankets and talk until we fall asleep. It's a lot of fun.
--submitted by Mrs. Reed

Romantic Body Painting
Crayola makes the best washable paints, and they're not just for kids! Lay out some plastic on the floor or bed and have a variety of colors of washable paints handy. Light some candles and have a blast using each other as a canvas. It's so much fun being creative with each other, and the cleanup is pretty fun too!
--submitted by Jen

20 ways to spice up your sex life

20 ways to spice up your sex life

Are your date nights feeling blah? Do you need to spice it up before it dies of boredom? Here are 20 tips from some of our favorite people!

1. Why do you have to? If the combination of the two people isn't spicy enough, stay home and read a good book.

– Catherine Hickland, author of The 30 Day Heartbreak Cure

2. Let your date pick from a grab bag of coupons for different sex acts from a sensuous massage to intercourse in the room of his choice.

-- Lily from PA

3. Flirt, flirt, flirt with your partner: No matter how long you've been together, flirt with each other when you go out. If you used to flirt with each other and now don't, start doing it again. If you never did, try stepping out of your "norm" and flirt a little with him or her.

-- Susie and Otto Collins, relationship coaches and co-authors of Red Hot Love Relationships and How to Heal Your Broken Heart

4.Let your husband/date choose a sexy outfit for you to wear. Just the act of dressing for him -- outfit and lingerie -- will turn him on.

-- Beverly Solomon, creative director of musee-solomon

5. Go on a road trip! Just drive, no destination in mind, and see where the road takes you.

-- Amy from IN

6. Do a slow strip tease, one item of clothing after each romantic dance. You probably won't get past 3 songs.

-- Beverly Solomon, creative director of musee-solomon

7. Wear sexy underwear that you know your mate will love – it will be an extra special gift as he unwraps his "present".

--Scarlette from NJ

8. Play photographer and model. Whether you keep the photos or not, it is a great turn on. And a great way to find out what about your looks turns him on.

-- Beverly Solomon, creative director of musee-solomon

9. Make some chocolate fondue for dessert – and then brush the leftovers on each other!

-- Ellyn from NY

10. Start with you nude in your heels and have him to put your garter belt and hose on you -- again you might get past one leg. Note -- if HE puts on your garter belt and hose --run for your life.

-- Beverly Solomon, creative director of musee-solomon

11. Try something you never have before – whether it be a public place, bondage, or blind folds, it will bring a whole new dimension to your lovemaking.

-- Melissa from FL

12. Invent your own brand of romance and it doesn't have to look like anyone else's. Romance to you might be yelling and screaming together at a basketball game. It might be snuggled up at your favorite restaurant or it might be taking a walk in the woods and holding hands.

-- Susie and Otto Collins, relationship coaches and co-authors of Red Hot Love Relationships and How to Heal Your Broken Heart

13. Send flirty texts in the hours before your date – by dinner, the anticipation will be driving you crazy.

-- Grace from NY

14. Wear new undies. Even if you don't plan for the night to go in that direction, it will make you feel more sexy and confident.

-- Marti from CT

15. Share the fantasy night. Whisper your fantasy in his ear in public and let him stew in the thought until you get home. Have the stage set.

-- Beverly Solomon, creative director of musee-solomon

16. Watch a dirty movie. Either it will turn you on, or give you a great shared laugh.

-- Allison from NJ

17. Try an evening of finger foods... feeding each other gooey, messy, bites can be incredibly erotic!

-- Laura from NY

18. Take a trip down memory lane. For date night, do something together that you used to love to do together. Maybe it's the restaurant where you met, bowling or renting the movie you saw together on your first date.

-- Susie and Otto Collins, relationship coaches and co-authors of Red Hot Love Relationships and How to Heal Your Broken Heart

19. Fool around – but don't have sex. Remember high school, when you'd make out for hours and never even take off your clothes? NOT having sex can be a huge turn on.

-- Erica from VA

20. Try role playing. Meet at a bar and pretend to be strangers... the excitement will be flowing in no time.

-- Jill from OH

Easy as ABC

Length of Play: 20 minutes
Props: none
1. The object is to work your way through the alphabet by massaging body parts that start
with subsequent letters of the alphabet. For example, you massage your partner’s ankle,
then they massage your back, and so on.
2. When you make it through the alphabet, choose your favorite and go back to it.
3. The laughter comes as you try to think of synonyms for your favorite massage zones that
fit the next letter. Be creative!
• This game is best played on the bed, not a massage table.
• It is probably best to refrain from lotions during this game. You don’t know where it
might lead, so lotion may actually be a hindrance.
• Soft lighting and music are recommended.
• Not so Easy ABC – This game follows the general pattern of the previous game with a
few modifications. Instead of massage, you must think of an action and a body part, all
the while working through the alphabet. You might first “Applaud” your partner’s
“Back.” Then they would “Cuddle” your “Derriere” and so on.
• With either version, try working backwards through the alphabet.