Floor Play

Floor Play
by Brettani Shannon

Just how much fun can you have on the floor? How about thrilling each other with blindfolds and feathers, belly dancing, blacklights, massages, or a romantic sleepover? We’ve got ten hot floor play ideas from the experts and readers on LYC. Combine a couple of your favorites for a custom concoction of sensual entertainment neither of you will soon forget!

Blindfolds, Feathers, Ice and Candle Massage Oil
Excite your lover’s senses like never before. Light a massage oil candle about 15 minutes before you begin your sexy escapade. Blindfold your man and then get out your bag of sensual goodies. Begin by dripping the hot oil over their body and massaging it in with long sensual strokes. Tease him with an ostrich feather from head to toe, then pleasure him orally for a few moments. Go back to massaging him while you let a piece of ice melt in your mouth. Delight his senses with your cold mouth on his hot body, then rip off his blindfold and have your way with him.

Belly Dancing Date Night
Friday nights are "date nights" for my boyfriend and I. I really wanted to do something special. I have been taking belly dancing classes, but if you wanted to try this you could just buy something sexy and fake it. I even bought thumb symbols just to complete the outfit. I hung fabric/sheets from the ceiling with fishing line in five places to make a tent in the living room and threw all of the pillows in the house on the floor inside the tent. You could hang a lantern, but I lit candles all over the room and safely placed one on the table inside the tent. Prepare only finger foods and don't allow any utensils. Perform a sexy dance before you eat to work up both of his appetites! Hope you have as much fun as I did.
--submitted by Anonymous

A Fuzzy Blanket and the Two of You Naked by the Fire
Romantic lighting from a fire or candles, sensual fabrics, and skin to skin contact all set the stage for a deeply intimate encounter. Slip your legs between his, caress his back, and kiss each other all over.

Sensual Love Games
Playing a sensual love game like “1001 Nights of Great Sex” is a great way to get into floor play. Throw some pillows on the floor, and have a blast going through each phase of the game, discovering new ways of kissing, touching and pleasing each other, laughing and making memories together.

Black Light Paint Night
I surprised my boyfriend of nearly four years last Valentine's Day with a night of blacklight painting. I had replaced the light bulb prior and set up several white objects and a sheet to cover the floor. The more whites and florescents you use, the better. We had so much fun getting to know each other with upbeat music, blacklights, and plenty of paint. My boyfriend marveled at the unusual thought and participated enthusiastically. You can even use cans of whipped cream instead of paint!
--submitted by Sam

Sensual Massage
Make sure the room is warm enough and provide a couple of sheets and a blanket. Douse your lover with oil and go to town. The key to sensual massage is to adore every inch of your partner’s body. Delight their senses by varying the intensity of your touch and being creative with your massage. Use your fingertips, knuckles, the heel of your hand, your elbows, and your forearms. To make things a little hotter, wear little to no clothing yourself and don't be afraid to let your skin touch theirs. You can even straddle them and let your legs rest right outside of theirs. The skin-on-skin contact will increase the overall sensuality of the massage experience.

Erotic Edibles
Make your sex even yummier with erotic edibles that will tantalize your taste buds. As sweet as you want it or hot as you can take it, there is a sensual edible for you. Here are some of our favorite erotic edibles, along with ideas for sensual treats you can find at home.

70's Night of Romance
One night I ran a bubble bath for my girlfriend, and while she was busy in the bath, I replaced the bulbs in the basement with black light bulbs. I also brought in a black light lamp. I put a mattress on the floor with a white sheet over it. I also had a bunch of fluorescent markers and plenty of paper. The mood was set! When she came downstairs, I put on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. She was really surprised to see what I'd done. We spent the whole night writing on each other, on the bed, writing notes to each other on the pieces of paper, and enjoying each other under the glow of the black lights. It was a night to remember!
--submitted by Jack

Sleepover for Two
My husband and I like to take a night once in a while to catch up and have what we call "sleepovers." At about 8pm, we get into our PJ's and pile a bunch of blankets on the floor. Then we watch a couple DVD's that we rented for that night. We pop some popcorn and make a bunch of junk food and curl up on the couch and watch the movies. Afterward, we play a board game like LIFE or something. Once we're done with that, we lay on the blankets and talk until we fall asleep. It's a lot of fun.
--submitted by Mrs. Reed

Romantic Body Painting
Crayola makes the best washable paints, and they're not just for kids! Lay out some plastic on the floor or bed and have a variety of colors of washable paints handy. Light some candles and have a blast using each other as a canvas. It's so much fun being creative with each other, and the cleanup is pretty fun too!
--submitted by Jen