Sexy Phone Calls

Sexy Phone Calls
by Brettani Shannon

This is a continuation of the topic "Loving Your Man His Way." This time we're going to look at another way to do just that...using a telephone.

If you are in a long distance relationship or find yourself away from your lover for any amount of time, you have the opportunity to have a sensual encounter over the phone! Surprise your lover with a bit of sexy flirting and leave thoughts of you fresh in his mind, or go a little further and really excite him. In this article, I won't be telling you how to have phone sex like they do in the movies. In fact, I don't even know how to do that. Instead, I'll be inspiring you to use your own personality and sexuality to excite your man over the phone when you are apart.

Adding a bit of sensuality to your phone conversations allows your man freedom of imagination. You will be in the lead, but you must keep your focus on loving him in his language: sex.

The Softer Side - Phone Flirting

By far the easiest, sweetest way to consistently excite your man is flirting with him. When he calls you and asks you what you are doing, give him a little white lie. In a sexy voice, tell him you're doing the dishes naked. Tell him you are getting dressed for the day and you decided to wear that little black negligee he loves to see you in. Of course, he won't believe you, but he'll be left imagining the picture you painted for him with your words. Got a camera phone? Take a photo of his favorite part of your body and send it to him during his 10 o'clock meeting (just make sure it's not the meeting to discuss his promotion).

Diving A Little Deeper

Make some plans or suggest a future encounter. For example, tell him that the night he gets home, you are going to have the kids at their grandparents' so that the two of you can "catch up." Use your voice to make sure that he knows exactly what kind of "catching up" you plan on doing. Tell him that you bought a new piece of lingerie you can't wait for him to see it. Leave the rest to his imagination, or add a bit more detail to make sure he knows what he's missing.

Go For It

Call him to let him know you're thinking of him and the way he touches you. Tell him how much you wish you were rolling around in the sheets together. Tell him that you can't wait for the next opportunity to feel him on top of you. Reminisce about your last go 'round or about the last time he did that thing you love. Voice your desires to him in detailed descriptions. Don't direct his actions or ask him questions about what he is "doing." Just talk to him, asking for nothing in return, allowing him freedom to do whatever he wants. It may turn out that sometimes, he gets excited, but doesn't act on it. Other times, you may get a clue at some point that he has been. Either way, the goal is still achieved. He's got you on his mind. You are hot for each other and you're both anticipating for your next sensual encounter.

As for you, don't pressure yourself to take action either. Do whatever comes naturally. This is about your man, but if you take it further, I'm sure he won't mind. Let it be an experience that develops naturally. Don't force participation on him or on yourself. Neither of you should expect the other to perform or inform the other about what they did or didn't do. Reaffirm with him as needed. Try to enter into a phone sexapade with only one expectation: making your guy ache for the next chance he gets to touch you.

Commonly asked questions:

How do I get over being nervous?
Be realistic. What is the worst that could happen? You decide to go for it and have some serious phone sex, but you laugh in the middle of talking dirty and can't go on? Your man is still going to be dreaming of you, and he'll think you’re great and adorable for making the attempt. Even better, he will be counting down the hours until he gets to come home to you.

When is a good time to have phone sex?
Sexy phone talk is not just for couples in long distance relationships. If you find yourself away from your love for a weekend, one night, or even just an afternoon, you can whisper words to your guy that will make him ache for your touch. Any time your lover and you are separated is an opportunity, but it is important to make sure he is alone and in an appropriate place to chat if you think your conversation might get lengthy. If he's fishing with the kids or hanging with his buddies, you could both end up feeling pretty embarrassed over the bad timing. If you get interrupted, play it cool. Don't panic. Tell him in your sweetest sexy voice that you'll have to talk later because something came up. That way, he will still be left pining for you.

What do men want to hear?
The same thing you do. They want to hear that you desire them and that you want them to long for you as well. They want to know that they can please you and that you want to please them. However, just stating that doesn't do the trick. Be creative and detailed. When you are describing the sexual encounter you hope to have with him the next time you're together, tell him everything. Think back to the last time he ran his fingers up your thigh, pulled your hair, kissed your tummy, or whatever you enjoy him doing and paint the picture as best you can. Rehearsing your descriptions in your head could be helpful, but spontaneous creation of a fantasy is the way to go. Most men want you to be graphic without being vulgar. Just be their sexy, sweet fantasy girl.

Are all guys into this?
Make no mistake about it - they all are. There is some level of erotic banter that works for every woman and every man. You get to set the tone to your comfort level and trust me, he will be thrilled with whatever you choose. If you still have doubts about his enthusiasm, try giving him a little at a time. Start with the lighter tips and leave them at that. After your concerns are alleviated, consider leading him into a phone sexapade.

Remember that sexy phone conversations are just one of the many ways that you can show your man love his way.