8 Impromptu Sexual Escapades That Will Drive Him Crazy

8 Impromptu Sexual Escapades That Will Drive Him Crazy
by Jennifer Good

Impromptu Sexual Escapades That Will Drive Him Crazy
Every man's secret desire is a woman whose main goal is to please him sexually. Not just in bed, but a woman who is bursting with life and spontaneity. With our busy lives of dealing with kids, work and household responsibilities, our sexual prowess isn't always on the front burner. Uncover your inner vixen who's full of spontaneous sensual ideas with these eight tips for driving him crazy. Don't worry, we won't tell him where you got your ideas from!

Leave an erotic note for him to find.
Pique his interest and have him deliciously anticipating your next encounter with some well placed erotic love notes. Tell him how much you love a certain position, describe in detail exactly what you enjoyed about a previous encounter or just tell him how much you can't wait to have him again.

Mix it up and do it in a different room.
Sometimes a little variety can easily be found just by mixing up a small aspect of your lovemaking. A change of scenery certainly fits the bill. Get creative with places you can try such as stairs, the bathtub or shower, a guest room or even the living room.

Instead of your typical movie night, pop in something a little more risque.
You know he'll be surprised as the opening credits start to roll when he sees this unexpected treat. What makes this idea even better is that you can customize it depending on your tastes. You can watch something from a sultry movie to his favorite "after-dark" flick.

Visit a lingerie store together and try things on for him to see.
Next time you're out driving and you know you have some time, take a detour and visit a lingerie shop. Try on all of your favorites and model them for him. You can also plan this ahead of time, but make it seem like it was an impromptu idea! If you're uncomfortable with the idea of being in public while doing this, you can do it at home, or some places will even let him sneak in the dressing room with you.

Blindfold him and then drive to a sex shop. Tell him he can pick anything he wants for you both to try.
Leave inhibitions behind and make a one-stop trip to your local adult store. Have fun looking things over and picking out something for each of you to try. Make it more interesting and give each person a spending a limit and a mission to find something for the other person.

Treat him to a naughty strip show.
Let your inner stripper out and give him the lap dance of his dreams. Really be the temptress and make a no touching policy - of course you can touch him all you want. For more striptease ideas, read our article Striptease 101.

Masturbate in front of your partner unexpectedly.
If you really want to live out a secret fantasy of his and drive him crazy with need, give him his own private peep show. The rules of the show - he can only watch until you say so. Even more fun, plan it so he thinks he's stumbled upon you pleasuring yourself.
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