Easy as ABC

Length of Play: 20 minutes
Props: none
1. The object is to work your way through the alphabet by massaging body parts that start
with subsequent letters of the alphabet. For example, you massage your partner’s ankle,
then they massage your back, and so on.
2. When you make it through the alphabet, choose your favorite and go back to it.
3. The laughter comes as you try to think of synonyms for your favorite massage zones that
fit the next letter. Be creative!
• This game is best played on the bed, not a massage table.
• It is probably best to refrain from lotions during this game. You don’t know where it
might lead, so lotion may actually be a hindrance.
• Soft lighting and music are recommended.
• Not so Easy ABC – This game follows the general pattern of the previous game with a
few modifications. Instead of massage, you must think of an action and a body part, all
the while working through the alphabet. You might first “Applaud” your partner’s
“Back.” Then they would “Cuddle” your “Derriere” and so on.
• With either version, try working backwards through the alphabet.