Loving Your Man His Way

Loving Your Man His Way
by Brettani Shannon

In this introduction to the inner workings of your man's heart, you will find out a little more about how your guy thinks and feels in regards to romance and intimacy. The series of articles that follow this one will tell you many ways in which you can start loving your man his way.

As much as we all wish it wasn't so, men and women have very different ideas when it comes to love and romance. When couples aren't feeling the love, their differences can seem like glaring flaws, but when both sides feel loved, their differences are recognized as assets. Some men have learned that happy wives make happy marriages and that the key to making their wives happy is responsibility and romance. They may not always get the romance part of that equation perfect (and more often than not, men go along with what women think is romantic because they believe it increases their chances of a sexual encounter), but men try their best because they desire closeness with their women. It is well worth a man's effort to romance a woman, and it is time for women to learn the same lesson about pleasing their husbands. The more sexually intimate a couple is, the closer and happier they will be.

If you want to show your man how much you love him, the best thing you can do is bed him well and often…guaranteed. If you compare romance for ladies with sex for men, you will understand that men need more than just a date night once a month, although those are great. Sex should be on a regular basis, but not a scheduled one. Spontaneity is just as important sexually speaking as it is in regards to romance. One way to give him some unplanned loving might be surprising him by being naked or dressed in something sexy when he least expects it. Another might be to jump on him the minute he walks in the door from work. Wake your man up before the alarm clock for some early morning loving, or call him to bed in the middle of the day. You get the idea.

Little things throughout the day like a sincere compliment, a love note left on the pillow, or foot massage after work mean a lot to a woman. Likewise, a seductive kiss, a quick caress, or a little visual treat will keep a man feeling loved all day. Keeping this momentum going will help affection to flow freely in your relationship, making both of you very happy.

Variety is key. No one's fantasies are made up of the same sex in the same bed every Tuesday and every other Saturday. Come onto him in the car, pull him to you in the laundry room, take him to a hotel, or make love to him in the pool. Check out a Kama Sutra book and discover a new position. Purchase a sexy new piece of lingerie. Voice your sexual fantasies to each other and then try to fulfill a few. If you don't remember yours, try journaling a bit on the subject. If you have difficulty starting this dialogue, try using some of the exercises and love quizzes on Lovingyou.com to help open up your communication.

Encourage your man's masculine inclinations. Sometimes, men just want to have their wildest, freakiest dreams come true. In the heat of the moment, whisper in his ear that if he wants to grab a hold of your hair or give you a little spank, he is welcome to do so (only if he truly is, of course). Boost his masculinity a bit by jumping into his arms, forcing him to catch you. Then, give him a great big kiss. Encourage him to hold you like that other times as well.

Tell your man what you like. Do it for your own sexual satisfaction, but also to please him. Men truly want to please their ladies. It makes them feel good about being a man. That increase in their self-esteem is healthy for them and will make them even more attractive to you. Your relationship is a dance, where it is important for both lovers to give and take, play their part, and work at honing their skills. Ask anyone who has tried giving first and receiving second and they will tell you that the effort is more than worth it.

Lastly, remember that men do love to see their ladies doing girlie things, too. They occasionally enjoy romantic walks in the park and expensive champagne. They get great satisfaction out of making their women happy all of the time. But your guy will be thrilled to experience the freedom to be a guys' guy in your presence. Trade the bubbly in for beer, put the rose petals aside, and rock his world.

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